20down (20down) wrote,

today is ldkjfalfjdlfjl

I'm not at work today. I had a recheck dr's thing and it went horribly, so I stayed out the rest of the day.  I also told them I wasn't coming in tomorrow. I just feel so blech. I need some time. I was prescribed some vicodin, which i love and I was so happy about it.  But, now I"ve come home and took 2 and I feel like crap. My head is hurting and my stomach feels ick.  This happened once before when I was taking too many recreationally and it's actually what made me finally quit for about a year.  I always hope that will happen again, so I can finally quit for good, but I'm not ready now.  I guess I get what I need, huh?

All I've had today is

6 piece chick nugget (grrr..i was so down, but geez): 250
small fry: 160
sweet tea: 150

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