20down (20down) wrote,


Well, after a long reprieve, I'm back and bigger than ever.

I recently had a pretty horrible addiction to pain pills, which I think encouraged some of my weight gain. I've been clean now for 3 days (I had 25, but had a brief relapse, so start all over again) and I want to lose weight. Seriously.

I need something to think about other than drugs, so I'm going to think about getting healthy again. Exercising again. Dieting again. Getting my body back. Getting me back.

I'm going out of town for the weekend, but when I return on Sunday, I'm going to go buy some Slim-Fast or other kind of shakes. I read on the site that you should try to have shakes on your down days at least for the first couple of weeks.

My up day is 1763, which is just like, whoa. Don't think I'll be able to go quite that high, but I'll try.

My down day is 353, which is kinda whoa, too.

I'm gonna try though.
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